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April 20, 2017

Round 1 Quick Quotes With John Huh

Q. John what a nice opening round, 5-under par 67. One birdie on the front and four on the back. What got you kick-started today?

JOHN HUH: Obviously I had two birdies with tap-in birdies so that always helps and, you know, on the front side I hit it pretty good tee shots but I wasn't able to convert but the backside I was able to convert a couple good shots.

Q. What is it about this course, the first time you played here you had a tie for 2nd back in 2012? Is it a course that fits your eye or something more specific?

JOHN HUH: I believe so. I believe this golf course requires hit a good tee shot and a good second shot, which I feel like that's my strength. I think I did really well today and hopefully I can do it next three days.

Q. John, you played in this tournament six times now. Given the conditions this morning, not as much wind as you might see, what was it like to play out here today?

JOHN HUH: It was good. I was able to take advantage of the good weather and the scores are good and I was able to take advantage of the first morning group wave so I feel like the next three days like this.

Q. Tee to green was working for you. A bogey-free opening round. What are you most satisfied with on your play today?

JOHN HUH: Like you said, bogey-free round. It's always nice to finish bogey-free round and, yeah, try to make the least amount of mistakes I could.

Q. What are you looking for tomorrow given that the wind will be picking up as the week goes along?

JOHN HUH: Same thing, good tee shot and second shot and give myself a good look. I make some putts, it will be a pretty good round.