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April 21, 2017

Round 2 Quick Quotes With Jimmy Walker

Q. Lovely round today in these difficult conditions. Total of 5-under for the tournament. Talk a little bit about the conditions and the fact that you scrambled a hundred percent today.

JIMMY WALKER: I like that. That's nice to hear. Played tough. I mean the greens got a lot of undulation on them. Miss in the wrong spots, it makes it tough. I had one 3-putt today.

Drove it pretty well for the most part all day and just, you know, kind of kept it out of trouble, kept it on the safe side. Gave myself easier par tries. Good day. Good birdies on the front and on the back-9. It was good.

Q. Talk a little bit about you announced to the media and the rest of the golfing world about your struggle with Lyme Disease. How are you managing to cope with the fatigue out there on the golf course?

JIMMY WALKER: Well, up until now it's just been kind of life. I didn't know what was going on and finally kind of came back, the testing came back and just kind of thought I was getting older. I don't know what was happening. I know I didn't like it. It's nice to know something is going on.

It seems like a tricky thing. Talking to a lot of people about how to treat it, what to do. We'll go from there. But I have a pretty positive outlook on things. So, I'm excited to get the treatment going. I think we're going to get started pretty quick. We'll see how that goes.

Q. Good playing, man. We got the news earlier in the week but it's about golf right now and seems like it's turning around, isn't it?

JIMMY WALKER: You know, I'm not going to say anything has been affecting my golf. I hadn't played real well. I know I haven't felt good. Golf was right there, starting to putt better and driving it a little better. Always looking forward to turning the corner a little bit. Played good last two days. Played well at Augusta, too. Excited to get in here and play close to home.

Q. Is the diagnosis kind of a little helpful to you now in the sense that at least I know what's going on and I've got a plan, as opposed to am I just tired for no reason, am I getting old?

JIMMY WALKER: I understand, you know. It's something you don't really like to tell people how tired you are, how fatigued your, no strength, kind of got the flu.

You know am I going crazy or what's happening? Am I getting old? It's nice to know it's something and we can do something about it.

Q. Is there a process yet or still trying to talk to more doctors before you really going to kind of do battle?

JIMMY WALKER: Talked to a few, maybe a couple more, try to gather as much information as possible. I think once you start I hear it can be kind of rough the first four, five days, you know, you don't feel very good. Kind of take it from there. Start it pretty quick.

Q. Jimmy, 7 for 7 scrambling today. How much of a help was your short game?

JIMMY WALKER: Sounds like a lot when you put it that way. Hundred percent is good. Drove it pretty well. Drove it well for the most part all day.

Played tough. The wind was everywhere. It's pretty tough little pins on ledges and knobs. You want to be in the right spot. I think I did a good job of when I missed I missed in the right spot except for 7, I didn't short-side myself to too bad.

Q. When you have to make adjustments you saw how tricky it can be. What exactly were you doing to adjust?

JIMMY WALKER: Waiting for the wind gusts to die down or playing for one. Just kind of into the wind was tough, heavy, heavy wind I thought today and it was really moving the ball around. Kind of waited for some to die down, but the pace of play was good. Moved round good.

Q. I heard you explained the tiredness that comes with your Lyme Disease diagnosis. In tournament play, in a shot, what does it do mentally, just take us through that?

JIMMY WALKER: I don't know. Read all kinds of things on-line. I try not to do any of that. I've been concentrating on hitting the golf shot. Me, not worrying about all the other stuff.

Now I know we kind got a plan, it's nice. So, start treatment here pretty quick and I hear it can be rough. But as far as golf goes, I don't know if I hit any bad shots because of that. I couldn't tell you.

I know golf is a funny game. I hate to blame it on anything but I'm out there doing it and I'm doing it so it is what it is. But looking forward to getting everything going in the right direction.

Q. Terms of the plan, going to start treatment after this tournament?

JIMMY WALKER: Probably. Just see. We're still talking. But I think yeah, pretty quick. I'm supposed to play with Sean O'Hair next week. Talking about it, talking strategy and my hope is to play and I'll talk to him here pretty quick but I do need to get this going for sure.

Q. You made a little bit of a move today. Pretty happy with the way you played?

JIMMY WALKER: I played good. It played hard. Go out there with one bogey today around this golf course I think is pretty good. Kept the ball in front. Everybody kept saying my short gimp was solid today. That's good.

Q. 7 of 7 on scrambling.

JIMMY WALKER: That will work. Bunker shot hole-out. It was good. Solid day. Kept it on the right side of the flag for sure.

Q. That was on what, 11, 35 feet or so?

JIMMY WALKER: Something like that.

Q. Yeah. Take us through that.

JIMMY WALKER: Kind of short-sided a little bit and just the ball came out perfect. Lots of spin, landed, just went right in the role hole. I was looking to hopefully get it up and down.

Q. Does that put a little pep in your step? How were you feeling out there today?

JIMMY WALKER: Felt pretty food today. Little tired again, little fatigued but, all in all, good. Had a good day yesterday, had a good day today. Nothing to do with the golf, just physically feel food.

It's nice.

Q. I know that -- kind of like a basketball player, you see the ball go in the hole, makes you feel better?


Q. Especially from the bunker from 35 feet.

JIMMY WALKER: You start making shots and putts, yeah, it's going to get your confidence -- does it make me feel better? Not really. I mean I felt good the last two days. I felt good at Augusta a couple weeks ago. It's up and down. There's no rhyme or reason to what's happening.

Q. Talk about your treatment. Do you hope to start that soon?

JIMMY WALKER: Pretty quick. Talked to a few doctors. See a guy here in town on Monday and then hopefully get going.

Q. Sounds like there's still a lot you don't really know.

JIMMY WALKER: I don't know if anybody knows a ton about it.

Q. Doing your own research?

JIMMY WALKER: I've got some really smart people working on this. I'm trusting them.