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April 20, 2017

Round 1 Quick Quotes With Charley Hoffman

Q. Let's start first with the chocolate at the bottom of the bag. How did that all play out?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I guess the Easter bunny hid a little chocolate in my bag.

Q. Was it something that you had noticed from the grips in your club? How did it play out?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I had some residue on my club and I smelled it and it was definitely a Hershey's Egg.

Q. Okay.


Q. How about at 14, the trouble with the cart path there and the drop.

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: It's hard to determine where the end of the path is. I just wanted to make sure that what's gone on on TV in the past that we had the right edge of the path and eventually we did have the right edge.

The drop was legal and we determined where the past actually was. Just for safety reasons. Wasn't really anything else. I wanted to make sure we got it.

Q. Back being the defending champion here, you mentioned yesterday getting on to the first tee box here gave you a warm feeling. What were the feelings like today?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Off the tee box usually drive pretty well. Today was tough. I didn't hit more than one fairway. All in all, to shoot a 1-under par I'm pretty happy with it. I didn't give myself a lot of chances. I made some good saves and hopefully go get the good vibes off the tee the rest of the week.