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April 22, 2017

Round 3 Quick Quotes With Carl Petterson

Q. Carl, really difficult conditions and you really fought hard to get it in the house at 6-under par with the birdie at 18.

CARL PETTERSSON: Yeah. It was tough today, really hard. Shooting under par was great. It was some really hard holes, holes like 15 and 9 and 8 and ones into the wind. 18 is a par 5 but a difficult hole.

Nice to play those holes well and it was fun. I kind of enjoyed the challenge today and look forward to tomorrow.

Q. It looked like the wind was so strong that you had to consider it on every single shot regardless of where you were.

CARL PETTERSSON: Even putting. Some of the more exposed greens you had to play the wind on the putts because it was difficult to -- sometimes the wind doesn't hit them and sometimes it does. Yeah, it was tough. I'm happy with my game and look forward to the challenge tomorrow.

Q. More specifically for tomorrow, as far as Championship Sunday is concerned, a little momentum from the birdie at 18 to get you to Sunday.

CARL PETTERSSON: Yeah, sure. I don't know what the weather is going to be like tomorrow but I assume it's going to be windy and it will be tough. Keep plugging away and see what happens tomorrow.

Q. Carl, what adjustments did you have to make given the conditions today?

CARL PETTERSSON: Every hole was difficult even the easy ones downwind. They played hard. Some of the into the wind holes played extremely long. I managed to keep it in front of me and played very nice.

Q. Not the easiest season for you this year but what's coming together this week?

CARL PETTERSSON: I'm driving it better and putting it in the fairway and roll the ball well on the greens. I struggled with my driver a lot the last year or so and this week it's coming around, sure.

Q. Anything specifically to attribute to that?

CARL PETTERSSON: I went back to an old driver, about four years old and -- it hasn't really been equipment, more my swing, but I feel more comfortable with this driver and swinging it better for sure.