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April 21, 2017

Round 2 Quick Quotes With Cameron Smith

Q. The wind has given some people some trouble.

CAMERON SMITH: I don't know, really. Everything I hit, whether it was sort of a rubbish shot or a good shot kind of went close to the hole. My short game was really good today. I think I had three chip-ins today.

Q. How important is the driving accuracy here at TPC San Antonio?

CAMERON SMITH: Yeah. You can't miss the fairway here. Basically all you have to do is just keep it between the trees and you're going to be all right. I managed to do that the first couple days and it was good.

Q. How does this course set-up for you with the trouble with the bushes, not as many trees but that wind will be up over the next couple of days?

CAMERON SMITH: I've been driving the ball really good the last three, four weeks and I haven't really got as much out of it. Kind of nice to come to a course like this where it demands good drives and good short game.

Q. Did you make any adjustments coming into this week at all?

CAMERON SMITH: No. I switched between putters. I switched yearly this week.

Q. Cameron, 6 birdies and an eagle. I didn't think you could find that out there. Good for you, mate. Tell me about the round.

CAMERON SMITH: To be honest, just struck it well. My short game is great. I think I had three chip-ins. That was kind of nice. Other than that, it was just all kind of falling into place.

Q. You were 6 for 6 scrambling in the 2nd Round, 8 of 10 for the week. Really the round is made by your finish. Eagle at 8 and then putt from the fringe at 9. Tell me about it.

CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, I had kind of a tough shot, 20, 30 yards needed to get it on the top deck. That's all I was trying to do, give myself a putt and it went in. Bit of a bonus.

Q. 21 footer from the fringe at the 9th to finish off.

CAMERON SMITH: It was a pretty simple putt, straight down the hill. Not much to it. Nice little one.

Q. Well, with the wind, like I said, the course had to be very challenging. How you were you handling the breezes?

CAMERON SMITH: I'm from Australia. We grow up in this kind of stuff. It's kind of cool to be able to come and have such tough driving holes as well.