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April 23, 2017

Round 4 Quick Quotes With Brooks Koepka

Q. How did you handle the par 5, 18th, knowing at the time what was on the line?

BROOKS KOEPKA: I really wanted to go for it. I really wanted to but my caddy was kind of pulling the reins back and he wanted me to layup and it was probably a good thing we did.

Q. You weren't even going to play in this event originally. You decided to play because of the form you recently had. What does this placement do for you going forward?

BROOKS KOEPKA: Confidence. I'm playing really well. It's hard to win out here. I think everybody knows that. But playing well. Feel like I'm really knocking on the door of getting the second win and hopefully it comes soon.

Q. So next week you'll be playing with your brother in New Orleans. What are you most looking forward to at Zurich?

BROOKS KOEPKA: It will be fun. I don't get to see my brother play too much. It will be neat for me and my family, my mom and dad and stepmom to watch that, watch him play his first PGA TOUR event will be pretty cool. It will be fun, relaxed.

I'm playing well, he's playing well. He's actually done pretty well and in some tournaments lately. It will be fun but it could be interesting, the little brother we love could kill each other on the second hole or it could be awesome.

Q. Tell us about his game versus yours how the two blend together to pull something off.

BROOKS KOEPKA: He actually hits fairways. That will be nice to be in the fairway most of the time when he's teeing off. He's got a good short game, doesn't hit the longest but put it in play and got a good short game. It should be good.

Q. Just real quickly, your caddie saying let's hold off on 18. What was the thing that really kept you from going for it?

BROOKS KOEPKA: I was like 275 front I think so is what it was. I know I can get it there but also you put it in the water your chances are over.

I mean you got a wedge in your hand looking at maybe holing it, which we came somewhat close to doing. Got three feet, give yourself a definitely birdie look. That's what we were looking.

Q. Did you switch clubs or just --

BROOKS KOEPKA: We had 3-wood. Going to hit 3-wood. We hit 5-iron down the middle of the fairway.

Q. 14th was a chance to pick up a stroke there. How about the birdie get away on that hole?

BROOKS KOEPKA: You know, it was kind of an awkward little putt. I read it left lip but I knew that I could hit it a little high and soft. I probably didn't read enough break and I was kind of off on line and speed but I hit a terrible putt. It was the worse putt I've hit all week, in a long time. Need to be confident on that stuff. To rebound and make a 5-footer on 15 and 16, I actually hit an unbelievable putt. 17, I don't know if I misread it a little bit. Putted well.

Q. What was your reaction when Kevin holed that putt?

BROOKS KOEPKA: You got to respect him, too. It's 8 feet. Everybody out here can do that, everybody out here is good. I'm not surprised. But I'm happy for him.

Q. Where were you watching it from --

BROOKS KOEPKA: On the driving range, hitting balls. They said he was getting over it. You could hear the roar.

Q. You stepped on 18 (inaudible) -- you were thinking you had to make an eagle?

BROOKS KOEPKA: Kind of I didn't know what it was. I guess he had bogeyed it kind of somewhere between me teeing off and me getting in the fairway. I was trying to go for it in two, trying to rip it off the tee box, figuring hit a tee ball you'll be laying up anyway. Killed the drive. Kind of pumped up. One of those things. I would take it that way everyday.

Q. Overall thoughts about the finish.

BROOKS KOEPKA: There's plenty more weeks to play. Doesn't matter.

Q. (Inaudible).

BROOKS KOEPKA: Second Round killed us. It wasn't yesterday's, the 2nd Round kind of killed us. You put yourself in a good spot the first day and play like crap -- you got to have four good rounds out here. You can't get by playing a couple.

Q. (Inaudible). Do you think he will appreciate it a lot more?

BROOKS KOEPKA: You appreciate it every time you win because it's so hard. He's an unbelievable player. He was in contention for Ryder Cup last year. I mean you look at all the stuff he's done, it's pretty impressive and it's kind of amazing that he hasn't won how good he's played. I'm happy for him, get the first win out of the way and, you know, hopefully for the next few years we'll be battling it out.