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April 21, 2017

Round 2 Quick Quotes With Bob Estes

Q. Bob, that putt at 13 for a birdie, how the heck did you pull that off?

BOB ESTES: I got lucky and read that one right. It was a tough one. Uphill and down the hill breaking right to left. It got there.

Q. One bogey through the first 36 holes. What's been working for you for the first two rounds?

BOB ESTES: I've been putting really well and made a lot of good up and downs. I'm pretty good at keeping the ball down in the wind, keep it in play.

I think I only drove it in trouble once today and ended up managing to make a par even though I did that.

Q. It's been several years since you've played this course and in this tournament. What about the course are you noticing or are there any changes? I've heard the greens are softer, things like that.

BOB ESTES: I think the whole golf course might be a little bit softer after the rain on Monday, I think it was. And so the fairways are still a little bit soft. The greens are not soft but they're softer than they might be. But with the wind blowing like that, there's still lots of trouble out there. The golf course is still playing tough.