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April 22, 2016

Interview With Scott Langley

Q.Played well and you get a kiss from your wife and little girl as you exit the green.

SCOTT LANGLEY: Yeah. It was a good day on the golf course. She hasn't kissed me yet. I'm still hoping I can maybe swing one of ever those.

No, played really solid. You know, one bogey on this golf course is really good. My short game has been really, really solid, chipping, pitching, scrambling. So, that's been a real life saver. But I feel good. Played really solid this week so far and hope to continue good play this weekend.

Q.Tell me about the eagle.

SCOTT LANGLEY: It was great. I hit a decent tee shot. Ended up in the left rough. Kind of a visually kind of an awkward tee shot. Get up there and in the left rough, had 261 to the hole and hit a 5-wood from the rough. Hit it perfect. Almost plugged in the fairway short of the green and stayed short but I had a really straightforward pitch and, you know, trying to make it but you know it's still a little lucky when it goes in.

Nice to chip one in. I made par there yesterday from a pretty easy spot left of the green. Kind of nice to feel like I got one back there.

Q.That was at the par 5 14th hole. You're not fully exempt on Tour. 127 in the FedExCup last year. Big weekend ahead for you.

SCOTT LANGLEY: Last year is last year. I'm just excited about the opportunities I have in front of me and I'm playing good golf. I've been working really hard at home. Good purposeful work, you know, and it's nice to see it payoff in some good scores this week and excited for the weekend.

Q.That's a great attitude. Play well.


Q.Another solid performance. Put yourself in contention for the weekend. How much about the last couple of days has been about patience and how satisfied are you as a result about that?

SCOTT LANGLEY: Yeah. I'm really excited about where I'm at. It has been a lot about patience. This golf course is tough even with it being soft and there's a lot of tricky shots and a lot of tricky shots around the greens, and I put myself in some really weird spots.

I've been able to get out of them mostly unscathed. That's really been the life saver, my short game and wedge play. If I can keep that up and maybe polish up a little ball-striking, that's good.

Q.At any point were you looking up at the leaderboard and chip away at that lead going into the weekend from Brendan?

SCOTT LANGLEY: Yeah, sure. That's where my focus needs to be is kind of ultimately on my own game but I want to push myself to be in contention. And so, you know, Steeley is a great player, he's won here.

I was just trying to chip away and get a little closer but, you know, it doesn't really matter at this point. There's two rounds left, lot of golf to go and if I play the way I did the first two days and maybe hit it a little bit better I'll be in good shape.

Q.You mentioned the weekend as we look forward to your position and the opportunity to win out here. Just talk about how important this weekend is to you.

SCOTT LANGLEY: You know, it's just another weekend, really. I'm excited to make the cut. I'm playing good. I feel good about the work I've put into my game and my game is in a pretty good spot. It's going to be fun. I love this tournament. The golf course is great. The weather looks decent. You know, I'm just excited to get out there and have two more shots at it and hopefully try and shoot some good scores.

Q.Best of luck to you this weekend, Scott.