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April 21, 2016

Interview With Peter Malnati

Q. Fabulous today for Peter Malnati. Really on 17 was the highlight. Take me through that wedge that you hole on that short par 4.

PETER MALNATI: That was cool. I've been -- hitting wedges got to be one of my strengths. I don't hit it very far, you know. Haven't been that good lately. It started to feel like it was getting dialed in last week at Harbour Town. To actually make one today, it's really cool. That was fun.

Q. You're a winner for the first time on Tour earlier this year at the Sanderson Farms Championship. It's been 7 weeks since you made a cut. How do you continue to keep the confidence going when you know you're the player that can win here on Tour?

PETER MALNATI: That's a big challenge for me. I struggle a little bit with cut anxiety. Something that definitely gets in my head a little bit.

It's important for me to remember it's a long season and I'm going to have, hopefully, a very long career. So this little stretch the last 7 weeks stinks. It's no fun. If I keep kind of a big picture it helps me a little bit. I felt it was coming around. It has been a tough 7 weeks.

Q. For you, someone who makes a living on putting and the short game, this golf course that seems it's a little long, particularly when it's as wet as it is. How are you able to capitalize today?

PETER MALNATI: I drove it great. I never had any trouble off the tee. Yeah, I definitely don't drive it far or long. But, you know, there's enough holes give you a chance to hit wedges.

I can -- I played the par-5s smart I can obviously set myself up for a good wedge on those. There's enough short holes like 17 where I can hit a wedge.

I gave myself a lot of good birdie putts today even with long and mid-irons. I made a birdie on 14, 15, hit a 5-iron in there. Those are bonuses for me to do that. But, you know, I was solid with all those longer clubs and I took advantage of the shorter putts.

Q. Thanks for your time.


Q. Peter, fantastic round of golf for you. I was going to ask you about 17 and that's one I'm sure you're happy to talk about.

PETER MALNATI: Sure it is. It's fun. I work on my wedges a lot. It's important, very important for me given I'm not one of the longer guys out here and they haven't been that sharp lately.

But I felt like it was getting closer. Last week at Harbour Town my wedge play was pretty good there and to go out and get one to actually go in today, hopefully that's a sign that it's clicked in now.

Q. I think that even a couple of the shorter birdie attempts that didn't drop for you, that you had great looks at.

PETER MALNATI: That's the thing. I'm really thrilled with the score. Won't complain about anything. I do have more in me. I definitely -- I had a good look at it on 18 and didn't hit a very good putt and had a really good look at it on No. 2, the par 5, hit a good wedge in there and there I did think I hit a good putt. Didn't play enough break.

I feel great about things and you're right, there -- I don't think anyone has ever played a round and said I didn't leave a few out there. I think we always do. The wedge that you hole that makes up, that makes up for a shot or two, yeah.

Q. Talk about the finish for you which was the front side, 8 and 9, two different holes and you made two excellent pars.

PETER MALNATI: Yeah. 8, you know, I was really pleased with my first two shots into 8. I set myself up and hit a wedge. The back of the green is a very small target. So I wasn't disappointed with the wedge I hit when I hit it. Obviously it ended up 60 feet from the hole. That's not what we want but to get down in 2 there was really, really -- that felt great. Make a probably 6, 7-footer for par on second putt to make that felt really good.

To hit two shots on 9 and get it to that back tier, that's good for me. That felt really good. And to get out of there with a 4 on No. 9 is always good. So, yeah, it was a great way to finish the round.

Q. 67 is top of the leaderboard at least for the you groups that are able to finish here. Congratulations.