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April 24, 2016

Interview With Patrick Reed

Q. Great, great effort there at the finish. Just one short.

PATRICK REED: Yeah. Yeah. With the way I was hitting the ball on Friday, the way I hit the ball Saturday and, you know, today was missing a lot of short putts, I'm shocked I even had a chance.

To make him have to make that 9-footer on the last, he did so. He won the golf tournament. He played pretty solid all day and the wheels when they look to start to come off on the iron shot on 17, he was able to make a really solid par putt to keep the one shot lead going into the last.

I don't care what anyone says, when you're one up going into the last whole and you have to hit a drive down in the middle of the fairway and hit those two golf shots and the bunker shot and to make that putt, just shows that he was ready to win a golf tournament and, unfortunately, I had way too many mistakes to close one out.

Q. Having said that, though, do you take a lot of confidence out of your performance here, particularly having to make him win as you said?

PATRICK REED: Not really. I felt like I played poorly for three days. The 1st Round I shot 7-under par but I had two chip-ins. It's not like I was hitting a lot of things close, two chip-ins, two par-5s in two I hit. It was a good round but I mean I wouldn't say it was spectacular.

Then, you know, to play the way I did on Friday and, you know, yesterday, just ten straight pars, bogeyed 11, which is a very easy golf hole.

Today I got off to a lot better start and still the golf swing didn't feel that solid and just making a good golf swing and sail at the flag.

I had a chance on 16, 17 to really put some pressure on and, unfortunately, I made par from the middle of the fairway on 14 but missed a short putt on 16 and short putt on 17. But the good thing, I felt like I hit my lines, hit good putts. They just didn't go in.

Q. Get you back closer to where you want to be?

PATRICK REED: No, not at all. I'm still the first loser. I'm tired of finishing in 2nd and Top-5 and Top-10. I need to close out tournaments and get Ws. I put the pressure as much as I could on Charley.

He made a great up and down on 16. I missed a short one there for birdie. I felt like I hit a good putt, and one on 17 didn't go in. He made a good par save there.

You have to give it to him after the putt he made on the last hole, nine feet two inches. That putt was definitely outside the hole.

Q. Are you more shocked at the putt on 16 or 17?

PATRICK REED: I thought the one on 16 and 17 were in. I thought 16 was going in the high side and snapped and missed low and then 17, Charley's putt in my mind, me reading it it goes left and the contour says it goes left. That putt stayed dead straight. I don't know how. I guess you hit it closer is the moral of the story.

Q. You've been talking about the door the last few weeks and a guy that's obviously been searching for that win.

PATRICK REED: It's huge. Putted pretty solid all day and hitting the ball pretty well all day. Even though we both only shot 3-under par, it could have been a lot lower but, at the same time, it was just a lot of solid golf and steady golf and, you know, I knew I needed to make -- I knew I needed to shoot -- told Kessler going into the back-9, "If I shoot 4-under on the back I win." I shot 2-under on the back and I needed more.

Q. You moved out of here when you were 8. Is this special for you?

PATRICK REED: It's always nice to come back to Texas and come back to where I was born and play some golf but, you know, I need to continue and play some good golf and probably play some better golf because obviously I'm not playing well enough right now because I haven't closed down any wins recently.