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April 22, 2016

Interview With Patrick Reed

Q. Patrick talk about the back-9 there and both par-3s.

PATRICK REED: For sure. You know, it's interesting, both par-3s I missed the green, chipping in on both of them. Chipped in late last night and this morning I chipped in.

So, the game feels good. Feel like I'm in a good position, just get the ball-striking a little bit around this morning because I feel like I hit a couple loose shots, one loose iron shot on 15, loose iron shot on 16 and really I hit a good 3-wood on 18. Happened to literally draw three yards more than I wanted to. Took a nasty kick. Besides that, the game feels solid.

Q. Not much time. Good luck in Round 2.

PATRICK REED: Thank you.