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April 24, 2016

Interview With Martin Piller

Q. Really ground it out to the very end, including a five-and-a-half-footer for par on the 18th.

MARTIN PILLER: Yeah. I mean my best finish on the Tour before this week was I think a 19th place. So, I mean to be up there and in contention was a bonus. I wanted to -- I real didn't hit a shot -- I really hit it, almost every shot the way I wanted to coming in except for my tee shot on 16 which I got up and down.

But, you know, I hit so many good shots today and I never -- I hardly missed any fairways. I don't think I missed one tee shot and, you know, gave me a lot of confidence for sure.

Q. Looked to me like you just got a bad lie with a plug at 13 which led to the double.

MARTIN PILLER: Yeah. Honestly that was a good up from where that ball was. That was -- the ball just kind of ballooned on me. I hit it just the way I wanted to.

I probably would have hit the same club again, tried to hit it a little lower. Bad lie, but, you know, I made the swing I wanted to and, yeah, honestly, double from there it's kind of like well, okay, it wasn't that terrible.

Q. You know what, you really improved your standing in the FedExCup. Great finish for you. Congratulations. We'll cut you loose. I know you want to watch Gerina.

MARTIN PILLER: She'll probably do better than me.

Q. Be a great week for the Pillers, then.

MARTIN PILLER: Yeah, for sure.

Q. Great day for a Texan, Martin Piller. Martin, what did you do to get yourself back into this tournament to take the lead eventually?

MARTIN PILLER: Well, I got off to like a dream start. I mean plugged lie on 2 out of the bunker and chop it out, goes in the hole. I mean then I chip-in on 4 and a great start coming out. It's what you need if you're 3, 4 behind when you start the day. Great start. Got me kind of back in it.

Q. You were standing on the 13th tee and leading the Valero Texas Open, then a double bogey and little bit of trouble on 14. Did the pressure affect you at all?

MARTIN PILLER: No, because I was -- I felt -- I was a nervous wreck on the front-9 and I played great. Once I got the lead I actually relaxed and thought, "Okay, I got the lead, I can play my game now, and I don't have to chase."

I hit a shot exactly the way I wanted to. It was right on line but came up a little short and honestly a good double from where it was. I didn't feel anymore nervous than I felt on the front. But just it didn't go my way.

Q. Will be more or less nervous watching Gerina play this week?

MARTIN PILLER: No, I don't get nervous watching her. Her game is so good. She's one of the best players in the world and she's proven herself out there. Watching her is easy, you know.

When I think of her game it's like, "Oh, she hits it long, straight, makes birdies." My game is a little more crazy and so my game makes me nervous and her game makes me feel like all this is easy.

Q. No matter what she accomplishes, it's been a great week in the Piller household. Congratulations.