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April 22, 2016

Interview With Luke Donald

Q. Luke, you played the back-9 first but when you're playing the front-9, three birdies, very solid play in those closing 9 holes.

LUKE DONALD: Yeah. I felt like I was searching a little bit this 2nd Round, seeing a little bit of a strange schedule playing four holes and then quick turnaround, but searching a little bit and then the last 9 holes, felt like I swung the club better, started finding good rhythm and timing and hit a lot of good shots. It was nice to finish with 3-under on that side. Got myself into decent position.

Q. How were the conditions today? Obviously yesterday lot of different conditions and today we had pretty steady conditions.

LUKE DONALD: Yeah. Yeah, very nice conditions. Light breeze and the greens still soft and the early greens were putting nicely so, you know, if you were playing well you can create some low chances.

Q. Solid round today, 2-under par. How much of a challenge has it been the last couple of days, all the waiting to finally get to a point and know you're in good position?

LUKE DONALD: Yeah, it's something where you're kind of used to as golfers. We have weather delays and it's supposed to get more rain here. The course doesn't need anymore rain.

It's actually held up pretty well. Course has played very nicely. We're able to get almost 15 holes in yesterday and just played a few this morning and quick turnaround. It didn't feel like it was too much out of my schedule.

Q. Talked to you about the importance of your short game. How close do you feel about your short game to being at its peak level?

LUKE DONALD: Yeah. The last couple events, last week and this week where scrambling has been really, really good, making more putts and that's kind of what I've always been known for and it's nice to see, you know, definitely the confidence is back in that area of the game and for me to be successful that needs to be firing on all cylinders. Fortunately the last couple weeks it really has.

Q. You've really been building the last couple of weeks some good golf. What do you take into this week knowing you're in a good position?

LUKE DONALD: You used the confidence you gain from last week being in contention. You know, you use that to feel good about where you are. Again, the goal is always to give yourself a chance to win come Sunday and I'm in a good position right now.

Q. Thank you for your time. Best of luck this week.