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April 21, 2016

Interview With Jimmy Walker

Q. Bit of a struggle out there. Tell me how you're feeling after that round.

JIMMY WALKER: Not feeling too good. Kind of a bummer to play bad on a pretty easy day, wasn't much wind. So, not real pleased with the day.

Q. Seemed like the putter let you down a little bit.

JIMMY WALKER: Didn't make any birdie putts today. Had some good par putts. Drove it poorly. Couple of wayward tee balls, had to pitch out.

Q. How about the crowd support, just being a local guy, what you've seen from the crowd out here and how much they're behind you.

JIMMY WALKER: There wasn't much out today. The weather was kind of iffy this morning, kind of kept people home but had some friends out so it was good.

Q. How tough is it, the stopping and starting with the rain and all that?

JIMMY WALKER: It's not a big deal. We do it every week or seems likes sometimes. Just something you got to accustomed to. Part of the deal. You go wait it out.