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April 21, 2016

Interview With Harold Varner III

Q. Harold, we saw early in your round you really had the putter going and it appeared you were knocking putts in early on to get off to a good start.

HAROLD VARNER, III: Yeah. That's the name of the game, you know, give yourself some chances, and I holed some good putts and just rallied from there, you know.

Obviously had a little hiccup on 2 but it is what it is, it's golf. I'm excited to be off to a better start than I have been lately.

Q. Talking about it just being golf and we focus in on No. 2. That could have been a lot worse. You just went back to the spot and made sure you made no less than bogey, right?

HAROLD VARNER, III: Well, that was my goal. It worked out well. Just part of it. Had a little mud on it and you deal with it. I don't really care. I was trying to hit it on the green.

Q. Okay. So this is the first time you play in this tournament competitively. Give us your overall impressions through the 1st Round.

HAROLD VARNER, III: It's good. The course dries up pretty well. Looked like a lake on 18 when I was sitting in the dining area. I don't know. I don't really control those things. I just go play golf and figure it out from there.