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April 24, 2016

Interview With Chad Collins

Q. Chad, great round. Let's talk about the finish. Four birdies in the last four holes.

CHAD COLLINS: Well, I'll take it, yeah, for sure. You know, it was kind of another slow go at the beginning of the round just like yesterday but, you know, I just kind of hung in there and told myself there's plenty of birdie holes, plenty of birdie opportunities out there. You got to stay patient.

It's not like it's an easy course. The greens are tough, hole locations are tough. You can make bogies in a heartbeat but you can make some birdies if you're getting in the right spots and making a few putts, which I did coming down the stretch and you know, lo and behold, it's going to be my best finish ever on Tour.

So, I had a tie for 4th back in maybe 2010, I think it might have been at Mayakoba. Had an opportunity there, too, it was close but I think this is hopefully going to be a little bit better than that.

All in all, it's a great week. It's been a struggle this year so I'll take anything I can get, you know, with positives moving forward from here.

Q. Lots of positives. Great finish, doing it on a Sunday. Lots of great things. Thanks for your time. Congratulations on a great week.

CHAD COLLINS: Thanks. I appreciate it.