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April 22, 2016

Interview With Brandt Snedeker

Q. Thank you. Brandt, nice round of 3-under, 69 here in the 2nd Round. Just talk about the turnaround from Round 1 to Round 2, how much time you had and did that help or hurt?

BRANDT SNEDEKER: I had no time at all. Hit about five off the range. Go right back out. I had a good round going yesterday and then came back out and made two bad bogies this morning and kind of made me mad. Got out there and made a bogey early and kind of got going, played some good golf after that. Excited about the way things ended. Hope to keep it going for the weekend.

Q. Some of the lag putting I thought was key for you.

BRANDT SNEDEKER: My speed control was great today. For some reason, I don't know why, my control of the speed the first two days, got up and down, kind of saved shots when I can. Rolling the ball pretty well. Missed a couple shorts one.

Made some good 15, 20-footers. You have to. Played pretty smart. Hopefully avoid the big number and hopefully the next couple of days be a little more aggressive.

Q. (Inaudible).

BRANDT SNEDEKER: Exactly. Tough golf course even when the wind is not blowing. It's really easy to get yourself in bad positions. Did a really good job to put myself in good positions and took advantage of the par-5s today which I didn't do yesterday.

Q. Brandt, did the course play different today than yesterday?

BRANDT SNEDEKER: The greens rolled a little smoother. The course was soft yesterday and the greens were long. Couldn't cut them too short because of the water.

The greens were definitely a little faster today. The ball was going a little farther today. Warming up and kind of drying out a little bit. Started to get -- getting a few bounces on the green. Keep doing the same the next couple of days.

Q. What do you have to do to get through it the rest of the weekend?

BRANDT SNEDEKER: Drive the ball well. Put the ball in play off the tee sets everything up here. If you don't it's going to be a struggle. I did a good job of that today. Hopefully keep doing that.