Valero Texas Open
Valero Texas Open To Donate $14M+ To Charity
Record $8.1M Distributed Through Champions fore Charity
New Charities Welcome to Participate In Upcoming Champions fore Charity Campaign
Valero Texas Open To Donate $14M+ To Charity
Record $8.1M Distributed Through Champions fore Charity
The COVID-19 pandemic canceled the Valero Texas Open, like it did so many prominent events across the country, but it didn’t stop the tournament’s legacy of giving back. Business partners, sponsors and individual donors of the tournament through its associated Benefit for Children and Champions fore Charity efforts still contributed more than $14 million in net proceeds for charitable organizations throughout south Texas and across the United States.

“We are blessed by our long-standing relationships with our tournament and Benefit for Children sponsors,” said Joe Gorder, Valero Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “This year’s charitable contribution is evidence that we are stronger together.”

Given the urgency of need and enormous demand for social services in the communities where Valero operates, officials will be expediting the disbursement of Benefit for Children funding this year. Champions fore Charity recently distributed funds to 149 charities and schools that participated in the 2020 fundraising campaign.

Champions fore Charity, formerly known as Birdies for Charity, is a charitable initiative organized and supported by the Valero Texas Open, that provided 220 charities and school programs throughout the greater San Antonio community and beyond with an engaging and unique fundraising platform. The seven month-long campaign kicked off in October and concluded in April despite the Valero Texas Open being canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Based on the generous support from individual donors and a collection rate of 99.995% of the total commitment, $7.6M was distributed to 149 participating organizations, which is nearly a 20% increase over last year’s total contributions. The charities also received several financial incentives including a 7% Matching Gift, which totaled over $518,000 cumulatively and were funded by Valero and other program sponsors. The record-breaking total of $8.1M will make an immediate impact on peoples’ lives throughout our communities.

The Valero Texas Open’s legacy of giving back continues.

Champions fore Charity: Wells Fargo Drawing

During the fundraising campaign the Wells Fargo Drawing offered a fun way to keep participating charities and schools engaged and motivated. Six times throughout the seven month campaign, charities were entered into a drawing for a chance to win $2,000. The lucky charities earned a cumulative total of $12,000 from the Wells Fargo-sponsored drawing. The drawings took place on Facebook Live with the help of program ambassadors Randy Carroll (KJ 97 FM), David Chancellor (WOAI News 4) and Kimberly Crawford (KABB “Daytime with Kimberly & Esteban”).

This year’s Well Fargo Drawing winners were:

StarAid the Silent
StarMorgan's Wonderland
StarPhil Hardberger Park Conservancy
StarSan Antonio Council on Alcohol and Drug Awareness (SACADA)
StarSan Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind & Vision Impaired

Top 10 Leaderboard

A special congratulations to this year’s top-10 performing charities from the 2020 fundraising campaign. The totals listed below represent the amounts raised by each charity, not including incentives earned.

#1San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind & Vision Impaired $423,600
#2Aid the Silent$234,500
#3Military Warriors Support Foundation$210,000
#4Morgan's Wonderland$195,844
#5Arms of Hope$190,690
#6Clarity Child Guidance Center$177,329
#7Dreamhill Estates Educational Resource Center (DEERC)$175,500
#8San Antonio Council on Alcohol and Drug Awareness (SACADA)$174,960
#9The Ecumenical Center$171,000
#10Phil Hardberger Park Conservancy$157,166

Champions fore Charity, thanks to its corporate supporters, is able to deliver 100% of all funds raised to participating organizations. Please visit to learn more about the Valero Texas Open and its Champions fore Charity program.

New Charities Welcome to Participate In Upcoming Champions fore Charity Campaign
If we told you that non-profit agencies and school programs could make 107% revenue from a fundraising event and incur no operating costs outside of staff time, would we capture your interest? Identifying fundraising strategies can be challenging as the costs to execute an event often exceed the capacity to raise $$$s.

Champions fore Charity is unique in that there are NO COSTS except staff time… and participating organizations receive 100% of funds generated and sometimes more with incentives offered, like a 7% match provided by the Valero Texas Open and the Champions fore Charity program partners.

Funds are generated by soliciting donations from individuals and corporations with the flexibility to pay in advance or to be billed after the tournament. Donations are accepted from anywhere around the world and are tax deductible, thanks to the Valero Texas Open’s non-profit 501(c)3 status.

Registration to participate in the 2020-2021 fundraising campaign for charities and schools is underway. All types of philanthropies, as well as, school programs like athletic teams, dance & cheer, science programs, PTA, Project Graduation and much more… are all welcome to participate. We look forward to helping more charities raise funds!

There are many benefits for organizations to register and participate:

StarThere is zero risk to get involved
StarNo cost to register and participate in the fundraising program (no registration fees nor merchant fees)
Star100% of the funds raised through the fundraising campaign goes directly back to participating organizations
StarBy raising a minimum of $1,000+, participating charities and schools can earn an additional 7% match on what’s collected in the program
StarDonors have a chance to win prizes
StarOpportunities to earn additional funds through a variety of incentives offered
StarIf you know of a charity or school that isn’t already involved, please encourage them to participate in this great community initiative. Champions fore Charity will kick off in October. Click here to learn more and register your organization.


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