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April 1, 2022

Second Round Interview with Dylan Frittelli

Q. Dylan, thanks for stopping by real quick. On the way over you said you don't know how you did it today, but a 6-under 66, you did do it. Just a few comments about it?

DYLAN FRITTELLI: Yeah, I was really proud of the round. I thought anything under par today would have been good. On the range I actually to my caddie pars are really good today, let's just focus on pars and anything else will be a bonus.

But obviously I'm used to these conditions coming from Austin, living there and playing in the Hill Country. So I did feel at home a little bit, but I was still really impressed, the greens got really crunchy at the end and it was a very tough prospect there coming dow the last five, six holes.

Q. Any key shots or holes that stand out that you really kind of took a deep breath on getting through?

DYLAN FRITTELLI: Yeah, I had trouble on, is it 5, the par 4? Let me get it right. Sorry, the fourth hole. The fourth was pretty tough today. Hit it in the right trees the second time this week and luckily had a lie, had a shot to get out there and went down in that bowl on the left. I had to kind center myself over that shot. It was kind of wet down there and I took a practice swing and a little divot came out and I was like, okay, this is a tough shot, let's just hedge the bets, get it up there, land it by the flag and I got it past the hole and then made a really good putt, so presence of mind there to get it on the green safely aided in making me save that par.

Q. And change anything for the weekend or do you just kind of stick with what works? I know we're all kind of at the mercy -- well, you guys more so than us, mercy of the wind. Just stick with what's been working?

DYLAN FRITTELLI: Yeah, I remember the report earlier in the week, Saturday and Sunday was milder wind from what I remember so I don't think I'll have as many low flighted shots, but just trying to make birdies as often as I can. Today was evidence that you can still make birdies. I think seeing Kevin Chappell's round when I went out kind of shocked me, like whoa, 8 under, okay, it's still doable, I guess.

Yeah, if you can put it in play on this course and hit the green, you're not going to be more than 20, 30 feet away. So keep the ball in the fairway and then on the green and who knows, if I putt well, could be in with a chance.

Q. Last question: How have you been feeling about your game coming into the week?

DYLAN FRITTELLI: Really good actually. My game's been trending in the right direction. I'm sure very few people are talking about me right now, but a bit of a resurgence, I guess, from the fall last year. Went back to South Africa over December break, saw some family, played two events and came back and I've been feeling really good and I've been talking positively and telling people I'm playing well, just maybe hasn't maybe really showed. Played well at Honda, and THE PLAYERS I felt like I played really well, but you know how it is, it's really tricky to know when you're going to peak and when things are going to go right.

And last week I worked with Chuck Cook, my coach back in Austin, and had really good two sessions with him that helped a lot on the long game. So feeling really comfortable from tee to green right now, which is kind of the forte of my game and the thing that propelled me onto the PGA TOUR.