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April 4, 2021

Final Round Interview with Greyson Sigg

Q. I know today didn't go the way, but still, you've got to take a lot of positives out of the last two weeks.

GREYSON SIGG: Yeah, for sure. Top-10ing and getting into this week, a little more experience under my belt for next year is always good. Didn't play great today, but all in all, it was a pretty good week.

Q. You're pretty secure in your category, you'll have your card in the fall, but how important are these two weeks to be able to go out and see conditions and just being out on the Tour?

GREYSON SIGG: Yeah, I just think becoming more and more comfortable out here is important for me. Getting to know some of the guys, finding out where everything is. I mean, it took me probably like 45 minutes to find player registration this week. So stuff like that that you can kind of get better at and make your life a little easier, that kind of stuff helps. Just becoming more and more comfortable out here is just huge.

Q. And then the confidence now that you -- I mean, you said top-10 last week, but the fact that you can tell yourself you can compete, but now you have proof that you can compete out here.

GREYSON SIGG: Yeah. I've been playing some good golf and good golf takes care of a lot. I know that I can play with these guys and I'm just looking forward to being out here today.

Q. And then, I'm mean, we're going to have a long haul for KFT. What are you looking forward to the next basically four months?

GREYSON SIGG: It's going to be good. It's going to be kind of laid back. Like you said, I kind of have my card locked up. I'm still going to go out and try and get that No. 1 spot when I'm playing, but like I said, at the same time, it's going to be pretty laid back and fun.

Q. Are you able to take something out of these two weeks and take it over to the KFT?

GREYSON SIGG: Right now, I wouldn't say there's anything in particular. You know, just stay -- you've got to stay patient. That's one of the big things that I've realized out here is you don't have to go out and feel like you have to birdie every hole; just go out and play solid golf and it will take care of itself.