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April 22, 2018

Final Round Interview with Trey Mullinax

Q. Trey, I know not the outcome that you wanted but you gave it a heck of a fight. When you look at the week as a whole, your best finish so far on the PGA TOUR, Andrew's a guy who lost in a playoff just a couple months ago and here you are already vying for your first PGA TOUR win. What do you take away from the week?

TREY MULLINAX: Just a lot of confidence. I know my game's there, I'm playing really well. Give all credit to Andrew, he played really well today, rock steady. He was putting great, hitting great shots.

You know, I played well. I didn't take care of the par 5s on the back, which I think hurt a little bit. Made a bad bogey on 17, but just you've got to hit some bad shots. Would have like to have got the putt on 18 to fall to put a little bit of heat on him, but this experience that I'm gaining right now is just going to help me down the road.

Q. You've had some big wins in your career already, still looking for that first PGA TOUR title. When you think about the experience and what's next, how much fun was it to try to get that win and being in contention?

TREY MULLINAX: Yeah, it was great. Just like you said, gaining that experience being in the final group with Zach and Andrew, it was awesome. Zach was so great with us, talking. I got a lucky pairing because they were two great guys and I couldn't have been more happy with us playing, and we were laughing and cutting up. So it was really fun, great experience and I look forward to being in there again.