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April 20, 2018

Second Round Interview with Jimmy Walker

Q. Jimmy, just get some comments on your round today if we can, please.

JIMMY WALKER: Hit a lot of good shots, just made a couple of kind of mental mistakes around the golf course and bad bogeys. And then I missed a couple of birdie putts I thought I should have made. But hung in there, hit two really good shots on the last hole to finish the day off, which was nice with a tough two-putt.

Q. Do you feel like you're within striking distance at least, you kept yourself in contention?

JIMMY WALKER: Oh, probably. It's going to take better golf from me obviously than those guys coming down the stretch. You know, 5 back, I know it's a really hard golf course and I know a really good round here goes a long way.

Q. Just how comfortable do you feel out on this course, a place that you've been --

JIMMY WALKER: I'm comfy, I live here, I play it, I belong here. I enjoy the golf course, it's challenging, it's tough. You've got to really -- I think it raises the ball-striking a little bit, the level of it.

Q. Are you as comfortable at this course as any on Tour?

JIMMY WALKER: Oh, I wouldn't say that.

Q. Is there one you're more comfortable on?

JIMMY WALKER: No. There's courses that really fit my eye, but it doesn't mean I'm going to go play well or hit good shots. I feel like I'm swinging well and just need to tidy it up.

Q. And it's been a year since the whole Lyme thing, how do you feel physically?

JIMMY WALKER: I feel good right now, yeah. A lot better than last year.

Q. Conditions out there?

JIMMY WALKER: It was damp. It felt damp and couldn't really get comfortable with the temperature, kind of a cold sweat all day. The wind was blowing, it was out there. Hopefully the storms stay away, that would be nice.