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April 18, 2018

Pre-Tournament Interview with Cameron Champ

JOHN BUSH: We would like to welcome Cameron Champ into the interview room here at the Valero Texas Open. Cameron is playing this week on a sponsor exemption, and Cameron, I know you know this place well here at TPC San Antonio. Just get some thoughts if we can on playing.

CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, I'm very excited. Obviously this is my new home course since turning pro and moving down here. It's a fabulous course. It tests every aspect of your game, ball striking, iron play, putting, chipping, and all the wind. A lot of people aren't probably used to wind like this, but for us this is a daily. So yeah, I'm very excited. Like I said, I know the track very well, I play every day and just ready to get going.

JOHN BUSH: Just talk a little bit about your season up to this point. I know not the results that you've wanted, but just talk a little bit about that and the state of your game coming into the week.

CAMERON CHAMP: I feel great. I played well last week in my Web event in Savannah, just trying to get acclimated there. I played good, just haven't really played well on the weekends, but it's just a learning process for me. I think now I'm starting to get very comfortable with myself and my game, just kind of blurring everything else out. I'm always learning but always just trying to do my best, though.

JOHN BUSH: Before questions, just talk a little bit about the Tour and what the key is out there. I know you have to go low on a weekly basis out there.

CAMERON CHAMP: I think what I've learned is just not forcing things because the majority of the courses we play there's always going to be a lot of birdies. I mean, there's no reason to try to think I need to birdie every single hole because you don't. That's kind of what I've learned out there, just made it a lot easier on myself. Made golf a little less stressful as well, which is kind of what I saw in my last event.

Q. Does that requirement every week, does that kind of ready you for the pressure of playing at this level?

CAMERON CHAMP: Yes and no. Now, like I said, when I first turned pro I think I just put too much pressure on myself. And then just the way I played in those events, obviously not the results I wanted, but it just kind of just freed me a little bit. But yes, on the Web you have to shoot low. I say low, but you have to shoot under par every round or you just get lapped. Like my first three events I realized I played well my first two days, shot around even the next two days and just get lapped quick. Nice not forcing things, just let them come to you because the majority of the courses we play, the guys are going extremely low. Last time I played in Savannah, Sam, he shot even the first day and won at 21 under. It's definitely doable.

Q. Another Aggie out here is Ryan Palmer. Have you gotten any advice from him?

CAMERON CHAMP: Actually, I haven't talked to Ryan yet. I talked to him at the U.S. Open when I played. That was the only time I met him. Yeah, so hopefully I'll be able to see him before we tee off.

JOHN BUSH: Any other questions? All right, Cameron, we appreciate your time this week and best of luck.

CAMERON CHAMP: Thank you very much.