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April 19, 2018

First Round Interview with Billy Horschel

Q. Billy, you made things look easy out there on a pretty difficult day and definitely a difficult golf course. How would you assess your performance?

BILLY HORSCHEL: Well, you know, I played really well today. Struck the ball really well, something that we've been working hard on. It's always been a strength of mine, but the last year's been a struggle. So last couple weeks we feel like it's been turning the corner and showed last week at Hilton Head, obviously coming here and hitting the ball really well in windy, tough conditions that requires you to control your golf ball is really good. I played really good, no bogeys. Could have been better, yeah, I didn't really make anything out there today, but I'm happy with it.

Q. When you talk about your finish last week at Harbour Town, how much does that confidence give you coming in and knowing that your game's been struggling a little bit but feeling like it is back?

BILLY HORSCHEL: It gives me a lot. I'm a big momentum player, I've got to get the train moving forward. That's the way I've always been my entire career. Last year was sort of a weird year where I won Byron Nelson after missing four or five cuts in a row. That's something that still shocks me to this day. I've always been a guy who gets on a little roll, get that train moving and jump in that winner's circle. So yeah, it would have been great to win last week, but it was just nice to play four really good rounds of golf. Gets the momentum going, carry it into this week, next week, which I've had a lot of success at. Really the rest of the year, from here on in I have a lot of really good events I've played well in.

Q. Just lastly, I know the wind's kind of died down late this afternoon, but we're expecting them to kick up, maybe some rain on Saturday. You seem to play well in the wind. What's your key for these kind of conditions looking ahead?

BILLY HORSCHEL: Hit the ball solid, that's all I've ever done my entire career. People ask me how you do it. You keep the ball down and that, but if you don't hit it solid you're going to get -- the wind's going to take over. So always been a really good wind player, I think it's because I've always been a good ball-striker and hit it solid.