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April 21, 2018

Third Round Interview with Andrew Landry

Q. Andrew, a 67 without any blemishes on your card. What pleased you most about your play? ANDREW LANDRY: Honestly, I just did everything really good. I was staying patient and just trying to make a bunch of pars. This golf course can come up and bite you in a heartbeat and I had a couple bad putts that I didn't really make. I'm happy with it, it's a good 5-under round. Gets me in the final group tomorrow and we'll see what happens. Q. You got off to a great start, 3 under after 6. As we look at this one at the 6th, you look totally in control of your game at this stage. Is that how you felt? ANDREW LANDRY: It felt good. This was -- I was trying to land it about 110 and just kind of skip it back there. Did exactly that and almost went in. Q. It was a wonderful shot. You got back on the birdie train here. You work with Jack Cook on your swing. How much has he helped you, because he's a fine coach? ANDREW LANDRY: He has. I've been getting a little bit vertical, getting vertical going back and a little bit shut, and we just try to work on just getting rounded off and getting deeper. I've been hitting a lot of good shots. Whenever I do get it synched up, it's really good and that was a good 6-iron there. Q. You were saying yesterday that you believe self belief and confidence is an enormous factor for success on the PGA TOUR. How would you describe your level of self confidence? ANDREW LANDRY: I mean, I don't want to go too deep into it because I don't want to sound cocky or anything, but I just believe in myself. There's no other explanation for it. You know, you can totally get out here and play with Zach Johnson, Ryan Moore, two top players in the world and you can go out there and fold under pressure or you can learn a lot. And Zach's always been a role model to me the way he plays golf, I feel like we have very similar games and it's just going to be fun tomorrow getting to play with him again. Q. You came very close to winning at the CareerBuilder, Jon Rahm eventually beating you in a playoff, but you showed some fine form down the stretch. What did you learn from that occasion that you can use tomorrow? ANDREW LANDRY: Just patience. I'm a good putter and I just need to give myself a lot of opportunities tomorrow like I did today. You know, missed it on some good sides today and got some good lies around the greens and I got them all up and down, so I'll be looking forward to tomorrow. Q. Andrew, I just got done talking to Zach, I gave him one word, "patience" for him. For you, I'm going to say "tight." That was a solid round of golf, bro. ANDREW LANDRY: Yeah, thank you. Yeah, that was a good day out there today. Kind of got off to a couple loose drives in the first couple holes and synched it back up and started hitting some quality golf shots and hit a lot of close shots today and got a bunch of balls up and down. Q. I saw you fired your ball back to your caddie, Terry, on 15. Was that out of just a little anger, or not anger but just frustration not making some of these birdie putts, because you were by far and away close to the hole proximity today? ANDREW LANDRY: For sure, yeah. I just didn't feel comfortable over the putter all day, to be honest with you from hole one. Total misread and just didn't really feel comfortable. But I'm going to go work on it right now and try to get comfortable and see the line a little bit better. I didn't see the line that well today, so we'll just continue to just stay patient and try to make some putts tomorrow. Q. I've got to tell you, if you don't win tomorrow, you're going to win soon. That golf game is traveling nicely. ANDREW LANDRY: Thank you very much, appreciate it. Q. Andrew, I know you're probably hearing this a lot, but you're chasing your first PGA TOUR title and you're in the final group with a two-time major winner, Zach Johnson. It didn't seem to affect you. How were you able to sort of stay steady and do what you did today? ANDREW LANDRY: Zach's obviously a great guy. He gave me a lot of confidence in the first tournament of the year in Napa, just good to have you back out here. I introduced myself to him. He's like, oh, I know who you are. It's just kind of cool to be able to play golf with him. I've looked up to him for so long, he's been a role model in my golf game and it's just going to be fun tomorrow to go out and compete with him and see what happens. Q. How about in the CareerBuilder Challenge losing in a playoff to Jon Rahm, you had an incredible experience there. How much did that experience do you think will help you tomorrow? ANDREW LANDRY: Just staying patient. I think it's going to help out a lot, to be honest with you. I've put myself in this situation quite a few times over the last two years, and getting back in it, I love getting into contention and it's -- I was there last week, I was playing well and just a bad nine holes. So we'll get back on it and try to go do something fun. Q. You talk about how well you've been hitting the ball, especially the new irons and shafts. You seem to swing aggressively out there. How much will your foot be on the gas pedal tomorrow? ANDREW LANDRY: I'm just going to stick with the same game plan. I'm not going to do anything different. This golf course can bite you in a hurry. So lots of fairways, lots of greens and just try to leave it up to my putter. Q. Andrew, your overall assessment of the afternoon? ANDREW LANDRY: Overall, it was good. Good, solid round of golf today, bogey free and just played really well all day. Did a lot of good things and just didn't make any putts. We're going to go work on it now and try to get back going tomorrow. Q. What do you need to do tomorrow in order to go ahead and walk away with a victory? ANDREW LANDRY: I just think I need to continue to do what I've done the last three days. I've just played really solid golf, limit the bogeys and miss it in the right spots, and good driving, good iron play and making some putts. That's kind of the formula there. We'll see what happens. Q. Trey's coming off a 62. Did you see that out there? ANDREW LANDRY: I did, yeah. That was crazy, that was a crazy round. Q. How would you sum up your bogey-free round? ANDREW LANDRY: It was good. I felt like I left a few out there, unfortunately, but we're right in the thick of things again and we'll see what can happen tomorrow. Q. You and Trey against a two-time major champion. How does it set up in a final group there? ANDREW LANDRY: Honestly, I think we're all out here for a reason and we're all out here to win and we're all out here because we're good. Zach's had some success and we'll just continue to go and play fiery. That's how those guys come out, and so we're just going to go put the gas pedal down and just try to win.