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April 20, 2018

Second Round Interview with Andrew Landry

Q. Andrew, Kurt Byrum said during the broadcast that you're a guy that hits a lot of quality shots, 7th on the PGA TOUR this season in proximity to the hole, 15 greens today. How important are those quality shots on this golf course?

ANDREW LANDRY: Super important. This place, all around the greens it's really tough right now, tee shots as well. The wind's kind of swirling all over the place. The greens, they've been really receptive this week.

And I went to a new set of irons this week, new shafts, and it's just made a total difference with being able to get spin on the ball and the height of it that's coming in, I've been able to stop a lot more long irons now. It's just been nice. It's been a good treat that I'm finally getting some good golf shots out of it and here we are.

Q. They say professional golfers have to have short memories. You missed four of your last five cuts, you mentioned your new irons. How cool is it to be in the position you are in your home state of Texas?

ANDREW LANDRY: It's cool. Obviously we have a long weekend ahead of us, but it will be obviously a big treat to catch a W here about an hour away from the house. This has always been home for me and I love the state of Texas and it's just going to be nice to play the weekend.

Q. You may be a Texas boy, but you're a fellow Razorback, so I'll just say Woo Pig.


Q. Andrew, great playing. Your name seems to keep coming on the boards when the golf courses are playing tough and it's playing tough out there.

ANDREW LANDRY: Yeah, it is. I looked at it this morning, we were out here in the JW Hotel, the wind wasn't really blowing that much and we got it this afternoon. So just stayed steady, made a bunch of pars and capitalized when I could.

Q. Was it colder yesterday morning or is it colder right now, because you guys definitely got the raw end of the tee times this week a bit?

ANDREW LANDRY: We did. You win some, you lose some, but yeah, it was definitely colder yesterday morning but the wind's a little bit -- this golf course, it was northeast yesterday and now it's kind of southeast, east-southeast, so it played totally different. You could get to holes you totally wouldn't be able to get to yesterday, but it played the same I think. Pin locations were I felt a little harder yesterday, but here we are going into the weekend.

Q. Tied for first greens in regulation, anything you can lend that to?

ANDREW LANDRY: Chuck Cook, he's the man. We've been working really hard over the last couple years to get my swing where I need to be and now it's just kind of fine tuning, so we'll continue to go with it.

Q. Just curious, how often have you played in this kind of chilly weather in Texas in April?

ANDREW LANDRY: I don't like playing in cold weather, honestly, but this isn't too bad. Whenever you can just kind of wear a light pullover it's fine. We've had a weird winter this year, it's been crazy. It would get cold and then it would get really hot and back cold again. So it's just been crazy, but it's nice to play in.

Q. Do you feel like it took you a while to kind of bounce back from CareerBuilder, losing in the playoff, obviously came so close to winning? Did you have to kind of take a step back and process things?

ANDREW LANDRY: No. I just feel like that was kind of another little spill -- I don't know if "spill" is the world. It's just like another little hurdle I've overcome. I think getting myself in there and losing is probably a good thing. You just continue to learn whenever you get put in these situations and I got put in quite often last year on the and I didn't capitalize and I just know that I'm knocking. Something's close. Whether it be this week or any other week or a year or two from now, I'm knocking. I think that I can play good golf out here and I've got the confidence to play out here now. I think that was the biggest aspect that I changed whenever I lost my card coming back, you've got to have super big self belief out here. I feel like that's 80 percent of it. I mean, I think it is, but if you can believe in yourself, then you can accomplish a lot.

Q. Was there one thing in particular after CareerBuilder that you learned?

ANDREW LANDRY: Just how to put myself -- I mean, I felt like I didn't win that tournament, but John and I were two shots clear of the field so we did good, you know. I just, I know that I can get myself back in there and I know that I can do it and I know how to handle myself coming down the stretch. I think that that's the biggest thing I learned was managing myself down the stretch when it matters, making a putt when it matters, calming your nerves. That's just the biggest part I think I learned.